May Photos

May was an awesome month! I learned to climb the stairs, I started getting my seventh tooth, I went on a cruise, and I got to see Grandpa, Aunt Michelle, Aunt Danielle and Uncle Derek, Aunt Tori, Mackenzie, Madison, Jeremiah, Mrs. Nita and Mr. Bill, Nana, Papa, and Uncle Michael!

As usual, I got to spend lots of time playing with my daddy…

IMG_5075 IMG_5078 IMG_5079

And we celebrated Mommy’s first Mother’s Day! Chef Daddy made quite the spread; I especially loved the strawberries! And I got to help Mommy open her cards and gifts…

IMG_5092  IMG_5097 IMG_5098 IMG_5108 IMG_5117 IMG_5122 IMG_5134

I also went to the SciQuarium in Greensboro with my buddy Jack!
DSC01355 DSC01363


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