Family Vacation

Mommy, Daddy, and I flew out to California with Nana and Papa and Uncle Michael. We got to meet Great Grandpa, Great Grandma and Aunties Denise and Debbie!

Here I am with GGP and his kids and Grandkids:

IMG_5619 IMG_5616

We stayed at a cabin with lots of cool toys and a playground.

IMG_5612 IMG_5284 IMG_5477 IMG_5471 IMG_5457 IMG_5451 IMG_5458

I helped with the cooking and cleaning!

IMG_5285 IMG_5463

We took a boat ride around Lake Almenor. It took a minute to get used to walking, but I loved going fast, and I even got to drive the boat!

IMG_5481 IMG_5506IMG_5515 IMG_5587

I watched Uncle Michael, Aunt Debbie, Mommy, Daddy, and Papa go tubing. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to try it!

IMG_5579 IMG_5533 IMG_5542 IMG_5551 IMG_5564 IMG_5572

And I got to hang out with my family!

IMG_5488 IMG_5497 IMG_5499 IMG_5524 IMG_5566 IMG_5592 IMG_5601

It was a fun, but exhausting weekend!



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