January Photos

Brrr! It’s cold! We spent lots of time at the Museum of Life and Science this month. Here I am learning how to make snowflakes and igloos:

IMG_6403 IMG_6407 IMG_6408 IMG_6415

And how to measure things:

IMG_6425 IMG_6428

And riding the train with my buddy Jack:


Speaking of trains, Mommy took me to a train show!

IMG_6456 IMG_6454 IMG_6434 IMG_6439

I got to ride Thomas the Tank Engine all by myself!

IMG_6447 IMG_6448

We also went to Marbles Kids Museum, where I got to drive the bus, and fly the helicopter! “This is Connor Raeman, your eye in the sky!”

IMG_6496 IMG_6500 IMG_6503 IMG_6505 IMG_6516 IMG_6519 IMG_6520

We did get to spend a little bit of time outside…

IMG_6466 IMG_6475 IMG_6490 IMG_6493 IMG_6377 IMG_6384 IMG_6395

And Mommy and I “made pizza” while Daddy was on a work trip!

IMG_6521 IMG_6524


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