Florida Tour 2015

Mommy, Daddy, and I flew down to Florida to visit friends and family. It was an early flight, I needed a cup of Joe! (Note from Mom – the cup is empty)
First, we visited Grandpa and Bubi.
IMG_6938 IMG_6994 IMG_6996
Then, Grandpa took us to Deerfield Beach, where we walked the boardwalk, had some ice cream, and played in the water!
IMG_6944 IMG_6951 IMG_6955 IMG_6957 IMG_6961 IMG_6966 IMG_6970 IMG_6983 IMG_6984
Our next stop was to see Mommom and Mr. Hal. We took a long walk around the pond and saw the ducklings!
IMG_7017 IMG_7024
Then we drove up to Melbourne to visit friends. I finally got to meet Owen and we went to Paradise Beach!IMG_7038 IMG_7041 IMG_7048 IMG_7050 IMG_7093 IMG_7099 IMG_7109 IMG_7114

IMG_7144 IMG_7149

IMG_7164 IMG_7167
On Saturday, we went to the Brevard Zoo with Owen and Aria. We saw a couple of Mommies.. IMG_7169 IMG_7261
And I got to feed the giraffes and birds!
IMG_7199 IMG_7214 IMG_7222

IMG_7241 IMG_7249
This photo is from our last night of the trip – I discovered the hair dryer in the hotel room!
I had such a great time! I can’t wait to visit Florida again!


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