Trip to D.C.

Last month, we drove to Arlington with Daddy. He had to work, but Mommy and I had a lot of fun being tourists. We went back to the National Mall, but it was all torn up. So we walked in a garden and chased some pigeons.
IMG_7782 IMG_7790 IMG_7791 IMG_7793

Then we went to the Natural History Museum, where we got up close to some dinosaur bones, watched a tarantula eat lunch, and found some birds!
IMG_7795 IMG_7802 IMG_7809 IMG_7811 IMG_7820 IMG_7822 IMG_7828

I really like things that go, so as a special treat, Mommy and I took the metro to the trolley to the water taxi! Then we had lunch at the pier.
IMG_7837 IMG_7838 IMG_7875 IMG_7844 IMG_7847 IMG_7849 IMG_7852 IMG_7861 IMG_7869

Later, we went to my buddy Isaac’s place. We had a lot of fun playing together!
IMG_7879 IMG_7880 IMG_7884 IMG_7885

On our last day, it was raining, so went to the Building Museum. There was a huge fountain, indoors! And I got to play with lots of toys!
IMG_7887 IMG_7892 IMG_7895 IMG_7900 IMG_7902

I can’t wait until our next trip!


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