Cousins Visit – Part 1 of 3

In July, my cousins Mackenzie and Madison came to visit for a whole week! Grandpa came for a few days, too. We had so much fun! On the first day, we went to the pool, where I got to watch everybody go down the slide and jump off the diving board. I’ll be doing that in just a couple more years!

IMG_8364 IMG_8329
IMG_8341 IMG_8353 IMG_8361

Mommy does a cannon ball! Big splash!

IMG_8345 IMG_8348

We all went under the water, too!

IMG_8374 IMG_8395

The next day, we all went to Pullen Park, where we rode the train and the carousel and spent a lot of time at the playground.
IMG_8412 IMG_8502
IMG_8417 IMG_8427 IMG_8434 IMG_8448 IMG_8459 IMG_8466 IMG_8478 IMG_8489

Grandpa also took us to Monkey Joe’s before heading home. I showed off my skee-ball skills, played some other arcade games, and went down some very big slides!

IMG_8579 IMG_8581  IMG_8587 IMG_8662


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