Cousins Visit – Part 2 of 3

On Monday, I got to show Mackenzie and Madison around Marbles Kids Museum, one of my favorite places! I never noticed the art nook before, but we brought home some lovely paintings!

IMG_8678 IMG_8684 IMG_8696 IMG_8794
IMG_8710 IMG_8711 IMG_8714 IMG_8717

Nice shot!

IMG_8755 IMG_8753
IMG_8769 IMG_8791

We also went to LL Urban Farm, where we got to feed the chickens. They really like lettuce!

IMG_8871 IMG_8878

On Wednesday, we went to the Museum of Natural Sciences – they had some Blue Morpho Butterflies in the Living Conservatory!

IMG_8885 IMG_8891 IMG_8893 IMG_8894 IMG_8914

On Thursday, we did a little bit of shopping – including a trip to the candy store! These “Baby M” things are delicious!

IMG_8960 IMG_8979

We were very busy while Mackenzie and Madison were here, but we spent a little bit of time at home, making pizza, going for wagon rides, checking out a Chinese Mantis, playing with the water hose, and going for a walk with Grayson. And, we were lucky enough to catch the ice cream truck one day! So good!

IMG_8805 IMG_8822 IMG_8836 IMG_9087 IMG_9071 IMG_9039 IMG_8925 IMG_8940 IMG_8666 IMG_8673


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