Connor’s 2nd Birthday and August Photos

After Atlanta, we went to Nana and Papa’s house, where I got to play in a pool and go for a boat ride, two of my favorite things! Papa also took me to the college where he works.

IMG_0150 IMG_0157 IMG_0161 IMG_0163 IMG_0177 IMG_0394

After my nap, they surprised me with a birthday party! There were funny hats, balloons, and presents, just like at Thomas’s birthday. We ate cake and ice cream, too!

IMG_0219 IMG_0221 IMG_0229 IMG_0237 IMG_0300 IMG_0318 IMG_0320 IMG_0362

I would love to stay with Nana and Papa forever, but eventually we had to go back home. We went to Waverly Place a couple of times to check out the farmer’s market and the splash pad.

IMG_0409 IMG_0417 IMG_0437 IMG_0620
IMG_0631 IMG_0642 IMG_0653

Here I am wearing Lucas – Mommy thought this was too cute!


And then, I had my actual birthday, where I got some more cool toys! I also had a pool party with my friends, though we didn’t get any pictures there. I’m so grateful for my family & friends making this the best birthday I can remember!

IMG_0497 IMG_0520 IMG_0544 IMG_0593 IMG_0603


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